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Frankie Long - Core Body FX I have been involved in many aspects the fitness industry for over 20 years. Having grew up in Canada and migrating to Florida 17 years ago, fitness and healthy living has been a way of life for me. As the owner and operator of Core Body FX, my top priority is to guide each and every one of our clients on the road to health and enriched wellness. I am certified with the AFAA and certified in CPR. I specialize in personal and group training as well as core conditioning and boot camp programs. I take great pride in knowing that my clients are benefiting from the experience I have gained over the years. With my attention to detail, it is my goal to create healthy lives for all of my clients.
Frankie Long

Owner & Personal Trainer - AFAA Certified



Core Body FX – Group Fitness, Yoga & Personal Training

Valli brings a lifelong athletic and competitive spirit to everything she does.  At the very early age she developed a passion for horses and by the age of 17 had won numerous riding competitions. While attending college at the UNC, Valli continued her focus on health and fitness as a lead aerobic instructor and personal trainer for eight years in Chapel Hill, NC.  After graduating from UNC with her degree in Business, she went on to a very successful career in telecommunications sales leadership. Valli actively competes today as an equestrian jumper rider.  As a BTFA certified personal trainer, Valli is hands-on, focused and truly cares about her clients. She specializes in helping her clients identify and achieve their personal health and fitness goals through a number of specialized programs.

Valli Corbin

Certified Personal Trainer



Core Body FX – Group Fitness, Yoga & Personal Training 

As a hands-on trainer, Lynette has come to love fitness for both the physical and psychological benefits. Exercise has completely transformed her life, and she desires the same results for her clients. She attended Keiser University and has 13 years of experience in the medical field as a Registered Medical Assistant. She also attended the University of Alabama where she majored in Education. Now a BTFA certified personal trainer, she works with her clients to help identify and exceed their fitness goals. Lynette uses the most effective methods for toning and weight loss through individual and group personal training. She is also a triathlete and a marathon runner. She believes in whole body wellness, helping her clients make life-long, healthy changes through exercise and diet.  

Lynette Stokes

Certified Personal Trainer                        



Moises Hernandez is an extremely active trainer who takes pride in sharing his valuable knowledge in the field of fitness and health. His passion for helping others achieve their goals in health, personal confidence, and strength is always at the top of his agenda. As a certified personal trainer and an elite athlete, Moises has a great deal of experience running track, boxing, and competing in numerous fitness competitions.
Moises Hernandez

Certified Personal Trainer                


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Future Trainer


Many of the clients that we have trained here at Core Body FX, have changed their lives forever. Check out these incredible stories and transformations.

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