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At Core Body FX, we are committed to providing every participant with a foundation for success in sports, health, and life. We do so by implementing tailored exercises for all athletes, from the developing youth to the peak performer. The training provided is geared so that the athlete will not only obtain, but also maintain, optimal performance. Our unique approach to physical and psychological development promotes athleticism, character and sportsmanship. We believe that in addition to physical benefits, athletic participation fosters personal growth by enhancing confidence, self-esteem, maturity, integrity and motivation. By integrating your physical and mental strengths, we will help you achieve the balance necessary to become the complete athlete.

We offer incredible programs specifically designed to enhance your speed, power, agility, eye/hand/body coordination, alertness, mental skills and overall capacity to perform as well as nutrition counseling to provide a safe, well balanced, training program. Our training is designed to meet each individual's unique needs. We believe that there is always room to progress, areas to enhance, and are fully dedicated to helping you achieve that next level of performance.

We offer a variety of programs to better fit your needs based on the level of involvement you decide on. We differ from gyms because of our involvement and dedication. Every athlete has a program specifically designed to fit their needs and goals

Dwight Edge

Dwight Edge

Apopka Highs Jonathan Dwight Edge had arrived at the baseball diamond for the Pat Torre Senior All-Star Showcase after play had begun. Earlier in the evening, he had been recognized by the Metro Conference, which inducted him into its Hall of Fame.

He had barely put on his uniform and headed out to center field when Lake Marys Nick Sosa crushed the ball to the fence. Suddenly, there was Edge leaping, catching the long drive and crashing into the fence.

He doesnt only excel in baseball. As a football player for Apopka High, Edge was considered Floridas top tight end and signed a grant-in-aid to play for the University of Florida. He was selected to Floridas Super Seniors and is scheduled to play this June in the Florida-Georgia all-star football game in Daytona Beach.

As a baseball player, he was chosen to play in the Florida Athletic Coaches Association North-South all-star series. As a student, he recently shared the Downtown Athletic Club of Orlandos scholar-athlete award with Lyman track and cross-country star Rob Evans. And as a leader, he earlier was named a finalist for the AAU Youth Excel Award as part of the Sullivan Award presentation at Walt Disney World.


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