Personal Fitness Training

Here at Core Body FX, we have assembled the very best accredited personal trainers that deliver our promise of integrated, balanced, one-stop support for all your fitness needs.

Our personal fitness trainers excel at motivation and are able to apply and adapt workout techniques based on your individual fitness level, medical history, needs and goals. CBFX trainers share a commitment to continuing health and fitness education. Our trainers possess overwhelming experience which includes the provision of effective exercise and fitness programs as well as lifestyle analysis. We also offer nutritional guidance, weight loss advice, strength conditioning, sports training, and recommend appropriate supplements which will improve your well-being considerably.

Our certified professionals have a wealth of experience and an established knowledge, based primarily within the health and fitness industry. Their ongoing devotion provides them with an unparalleled, accredited industry understanding. We provide their clients with life altering fitness regimes as well as offer advice in relation to appropriate sports supplements and nutritionals. This holistic approach is needed to address deficiencies in lifestyles and diet. The result is an improved sense of well-being and a longer life!


Many of the clients that we have trained here at Core Body FX, have changed their lives forever. Check out these incredible stories and transformations.

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