Corporate Training

Our personalized corporate boot camp exercise program is designed for clients that want to see results quickly. Our exclusive program not only reduces weight, it sheds inches, builds muscle, and improves overall health and fitness levels.

Our Exclusive corporate fitness program not only provides certified experienced trainers for your staff members, we also come to you! As a convenience to our customers, our trainers will come to your facility to train your employees so they may receive an excellent work out just minutes from their work environment

This class is a comprehensive physical conditioning group program that combines strength, cardiovascular exercise, core strength training, and flexibility. You will receive a total body workout when you attend our boot camps. Designed for all levels of experience, our classes involve low and high impact exercises so everyone is challenged. This is truly the best workout in the Central Florida area.

Our exclusive boot camp program has helped many people achieve their fitness goals, lower cholesterol levels, eliminate medications, and overall improve their health and well being.

If you want to create a healthy environment for your employees and make a more positive change in their lives, join our corporate fitness challenge for 2009 and see the positive changes it will create in their work environment and their personal lives.


Many of the clients that we have trained here at Core Body FX, have changed their lives forever. Check out these incredible stories and transformations.

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